Plumbing and Gas Piping Services

The staff at River Construction have the knowledge and experience to give you the service that you need for all your plumbing and gas piping requirements. We can also help you reduce costs. By changing from electricity to gas, you may be able to save up to 40% each year.


If you have a serious problem with corroded lines such as experiencing common symptoms like metallic-tasting or rusty-colored water, or intermittent or low water pressure, it’s possible that your home needs a complete or partial re-pipe. Rivera Construction professionals can diagnose the problem and perform a professional installation that minimizes the impact to your home and routine. The results are reliable clear water that will last for years to come, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer services that include:

Tank-less Water Heaters

You can sleep at night knowing that you will never run out of hot water again. If you own a home in Santa Cruz County, and need a team to install a tank-less water heater. We can handle the entire process at Rivera Construction. We’ve been providing quality hot water solutions and installations since 1987.

At Rivera Construction, we will provide the following services for your plumbing requirements:

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance


For excellent plumbing and re-piping services for your home in the Bay Area, call and speak with the team of friendly experts at Rivera Construction today.

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