Does Your Property Need Dry Rot Repair?

As soon as you discover dry rot in your home, do not wait another day. You need to give our team at Rivera Construction a call so we can properly identify all the areas of dry rot in your home. Dry rot spreads and the repair costs increase by the week.

Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned:

Locating dry rot somewhere in your home can be an unnerving experience. After all, the wood in your home is being attacked, and you can feel as if your home is about to collapse.

This can happen to your porch, deck, deck stairs, even the beams and joists that support your roof.

And when you realize that dry rot or wood rot is taking over your home, you have every right to be worried. It is only natural to be concerned:

  • What if there is damage that you can’t see?
  • Is the dry rot caused by termites or water damage? How can you tell?
  • Does dry rot repair cost a lot of money?
  • Is it even safe to use the stairs that is damaged by wood rot?
  • If you fix the dry rot in one area, will it reappear or show up somewhere else?

Get an Excellent Carpenter for Your Dry Rot Inspection Today

Put your mind at ease. You should first call in a dry rot repair expert who can figure out exactly what is happening and recommend the most cost-effective way to fix dry rot.

That would be a professional carpenter, who is experienced in dry rot and wood rot repair. The people at Rivera Construction serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We will figure out what is causing the wood damage and we promise to work within your budget to:

  • Inspection of the dry rot
  • Repair the damage caused by dry rot or wood rot
  • Prevent further damage, expenses
  • Eliminate the dry rot or wood rot from returning
  • Provide peace of mind

Our team of experts will figure out the most cost effective way to deal with the problem. We will ensure your home is safe and impervious to attacks in the future.

Rivera Construction dry rot repairs are straight forward, considering how complicated most projects can be especially in an environment like the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact us today, fill out our form below or call us at (415) 671-4640.