Commercial Electrical Services

Rivera Construction is a Fully Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor serving Commercial Clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Commercial electrical projects must be provided by a licensed electrician. The professionals at Rivera Construction have over 20 years of experience to back up our expert electrician licenses. We use state of the art equipment and only best business practices to install the safest electrical systems on the market.

We provide timely and efficient electrical wiring repairs at your convenience so we do not disrupt your daily operations or interrupt your clients. The size of the project does not matter, we’re always here to help assess the situation and find solutions to every electrical issue your business may have. We provide competitive prices and our quality service is second to none.

We provide the same excellent services to our commercial customers that we do to residential clients, but at a higher level. The majority of businesses need a larger power draw than homes because of size and the amount of electrical equipment and lights. We take extra measures to ensure your business’ electrical system can handle the load and make sure that you have superior surge protection.

New Construction

New construction zones require licensed electrical professionals to wire the buildings to code, whether it be a residence, commercial property or any other structure that requires power. Rivera Construction puts the same great care into wiring new construction as we do with all projects. Our team of experienced electrical professionals follows best business practices installing high quality electrical systems that are built to last years to come. We do it right the first time so the property owner or manager doesn’t have to worry about faulty electrical systems in the future.

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