Commercial Building Maintenance

Our core services at Rivera Construction include, but not limited: General Contracting, Design-Build Projects, Permitting, and Facility Maintenance. Our commitment is providing all construction services to meet your business’s needs.

If you have a design of the project, we will simply provide a quote to complete the project. This is a common delivery method for commercial projects, and allows the client to work directly with a design team to ensure their final design meets their business requirements.

If you require a design-build project approach, we have architects and designers for every project. We work directly with the designers to control the construction budget and to ensure your design parameters stay on track. This approach simplifies the process for the client and allows for greater control of the schedule, budget, and product selection during the design phase.

Need a permit? We provide permitting services to steer your project through the process of City Hall and the authorities that have jurisdiction over your project. We also can provide regular facility maintenance for your business, small to large corporations.

If you’re a restaurant entrepreneur or a corporate facilities manager, or property manager, Rivera Construction will provide the general contractor services you need to complete your project or maintenance for your business.

We have worked with just about every industry, from Bio-Tech, Restaurants, Hospitality, Warehousing, Retail, Property Manager, and many more. We can provide you with a full suite of construction services, soup to nuts. We are committed to providing construction projects to all types of Bay Area Businesses

For quality services for your commercial property in the San Francisco Bay Area, call and speak with the team of friendly experts at Rivera Construction today.

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